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Re: Anyone Else Feel Bad for Remmick?

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I kind of do feel the same way about Remmick. He was just doing his job, carrying out his ugly, uncompromising orders. Not every investigator who works at Internals Affairs is a dick, but they all get to wear a dick's uniform
The cute and somewhat Roddenberrian thing about "Coming of Age" is that when Remmick drops the Internal Affairs act and says that he'd consider it a privilege to serve on the Enterprise, it very much looks as if our heroes would actually welcome him there. Sure, Picard at first gives the stereotypical icy silence combined with The Look (TM), but he gets over it, and in the very next sentence says he's not holding the events against Remmick.

Timo Saloniemi
Yup, & I think that was kind of the point, that they're evolved enough to get it, & not hold it against him, & I also appreciate Remmick's rather meek way of stating it, as if he knew his current role might not present him well in that regard
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