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Re: Which species from Trek do you most identify with?

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Remember that the TOS Romulans (who were introduced before the Klingons) were conceived as the good bad guys. Although warlike and ruthless, they had admirable traits like bravery, integrity, stoicism, and devotion to duty.
This is how I see the Romulans. The elements of secrecy were present in their society when they were first introduced, but they exhibted the qualities you've mentioned, too.

scotpens wrote:
With the debut of ST:TNG and the Federation-Klingon alliance, the Romulans became the bad bad guys. Even the constant-surveillance stuff was taken from the Klingon Commander Kor's lines in "Errand of Mercy."
As Star Trek is written from a human perspecitve, it's not surprising that the Romulans would be portrayed differently once the Federation and the Klingons became allies, especially when one considers the history between the Klingon and Romulan Empires. But even the TNG Romulans featured noble characters like Jarok, N'Vek ("Face of the Enemy"), or the members of Spock's underground movement. Senator Cretak was an honorable woman, too, IMO.

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