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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Perhaps it was me being young when we had the first "oversaturation" of star trek, but looking back, I thought that was Star Trek's golden age. We were getting movies, a quality series that was about to end, and a series that was getting really good in it's second season. I loved Star Trek during that time and thought it was just cool to be a Star Trek fan at 11 years old.

As for now, it's not me being burnt out on Trek, but more I've been doing other things. I've been busy and I'm not going to sit down and watch Star Trek all night long. Also, remember when Season 3 came out, people were going through it at a very quick pace and I even mentioned as a Sports fan there was Baseball and Hockey that I would have rather watched.
I became burned out on Trek, I think, right after "Generations" when VOYAGER came out. "Generations" was a big yawner, I was underwhelmed with the first few episodes of VOYAGER and also getting tired of DS9. Maybe the last straw for me, what made me feel totally alienated from Trek, was the ridiculously presumptuous "Academy Award"-style ceremonial extravaganza for all things Trek which aired on UPN, likening Trek to the greatest thing since the passion of Christ or the enlightenment of the Buddha. It was just so silly. I felt embarrassed to be a fan at that point.

The older I've gotten, the more I've come to feel Star Trek was really never as good as I thought it was, not even the original. When I was a kid I thought it was the greatest thing science fiction ever produced. Then I got older and actually read some good science fiction, and Star Trek even at its best pales in comparison. I still watch the original or TNG once in a while for nostalgia, and I still like to check out these threads for news of the remastering projects, but Star Trek means very little to me now.It was something from my childhood I grew out of, but I guess it'll always be a part of me. Otherwise I wouldn't be here.

I also think one thing I have noticed is it seems like there isn't much anticipation for Season 4. Maybe it's the lack of news, or lack of Fathom saying anything about a theater event, but after the movie and now that we're getting out of that period, things are calming down.
The spotlight is still on the new movie. Don't worry, season four of TNG will get its day in the sun.
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