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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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Tuvix became immortal the moment he was executed!

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R. Star: Yeah, can see your point. Basically it was the moral dilemma that served as the theme to the episode. It is wrong either way you look at it. But what is LEAST wrong? My proposal tries to find the moral ground slightly higher than just "killing someone". There is no perfect solution. I thought that killing Tuvix was wrong. Nobody came to his defense while he was pleading for his life on the bridge... NOBODY. It's as if everyone was thinking "Look, Tuvix, everything has to be back to normal by the next episode. That's the way it works around here."

Long live Tuvix!
The thing of it is... Tuvok and Neelix died as it were in an accident. That's a tragedy but it's no one's fault. The unethical thing that gets to me is the notion that a military commander can just outright execute her subordinates if she perceives it as serving a greater good. Killing an innocent man, no matter the circumstances, cannot be described as ethical on any level. Janeway deciding to play god with another person's life is pretty much a supreme form of arrogance? Was it well intentioned? Probably, but that doesn't make it right. Is Tuvix a coward for not volunteering? Quite possibly so, he even said he was. But last I checked cowardice is not a capital crime. But yeah... the reset button had to be pushed. The moral dilemma of the episode was a great one, but it was also just brutal in how casually Tuvix was just tossed aside.
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