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Re: Trek II ~ Khan's Wife

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Buster Keaton wants to play a pickpocket. He can go about it two ways:

Have a dialog frame that reads, "This is Bob; he's a pickpocket."

Or write a scene where he picks someone's pocket.

What do you think he's going to do? What's going to be the most effective and believable for the audience?
It's usually best to show the audience an event rather than merely describing it, but the plot and pacing of a particular film don't always make this possible. Khan's dialogue was enough for the audience to understand what happened. Given the horror experienced by Terrell and Chekov as the eels entered their ears, it's not at all difficult to imagine that Khan's wife died horribly.

CorporalClegg wrote:
He's the villain!
Not all villans lie. Based on the condition of the Botany Bay, it can be inferred that Khan's telling the truth. His people were struggling to survive on that world. That there would be casulaties should have surprised no one.

CorporalClegg wrote:
The shark is never implied nor expected to be anything more than a mindless animal. It's shown to be a mindless animal. But when you call your movie "The Wrath of Khan," it's standard procedure to show why this Khan bloke is wrathing.
Once again, it's not at all difficult to understand Khan's hatred of Kirk. Look at how he and his people were forced to live after the Enterprise left them there. Would the death of Marla add that much more to the film's plot?

CorporalClegg wrote:
It has long been established as one of the film's biggest mistakes. It's been brought up in reviews and other assorted writings and musings, and gets mentioned around here at least once a year.
Never once have I heard anyone complain about her absence from the film. Do you really think that her inclusion would have added that much more to the plot? Khan's motives are clear from the film's dialogue. Although it's usually best to show the audience a given scenario, Ricardo Montalban's acting more than made up for any missing story elements.

CorporalClegg wrote:
I forgot. Marla Mcgivers is iconic.
As the film's production staff went to the trouble of bringing back Kyle to be Reliant's communications officer, it would not have made sense to use another actress to play her, and choosing another in place of an ailing woman would have been disrespectful. It doesn't matter that she wasn't a big name actress. She made the character what it was and deserved to play the role had it been used again.
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