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Re: The Killing (Seasons 1-3)

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Is anyone watching this? I haven't seen the new season yet, but I decided to go back and check out the first two because I really want to watch the new one once I catch up.

I really like it, though at times it is slow. I really don't care about the councilman/mayoral candidate... I assume he'll be relevant at some point, but right now (I just finished s. 1, ep 11), he feels really ancillary to the main storyline. I also think the show dwells on the family's grief a little more than necessary. There's a lot that feels like filler.

Ironically, the ep I just watched--where Linden and Holder look for Linden's missing son--was more or less totally filler, but I loved it. Linden and Holder are definitely my favorite characters--they're the ones I'm most interested in.

I also like the case--and I'm well aware that it won't get solved until the end of season two, so I'm hoping I won't be as frustrated as those who watched the show when it aired and were (understandably) annoyed that the case wasn't wrapped up at the end of s. 1.
The end of season 1 and start of season 2, are handled quite simply and plausibly. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if after watching the end of season 1 and the first couple of season 2 episodes, you weren't asking yourself; what all the bitching was about.

The show is less about the murder mystery than the affect the murder has on the detectives and the victim's family. So don't expect shoot outs and car chases, just lots of gut wrenching drama. It definitely is NOT a procedural.

Yeah, Linden and Holder are the best thing about the show.They are the best male/female cop buddy team since Mulder and Scully, IMO. The end of the Rosie Larsen mystery is a shocker.

So far, season 3 has been pretty good -- very similar in tone to seasons 1 and 2 which is a good thing. The atmosphere stays dark and foreboding with Linden and Holder at the heart of the new mystery.
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