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Re: Has this guy really cracked AI?

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That's true -- existing AIs tend to be very specialised. The average person is a generalist who can rapidly learn and adapt. It probably doesn't matter if AIs never emulate human thought -- to quote Edsger Dijkstra: "The question of whether a machine can think is no more interesting than the question of whether or not a submarine can swim."
I think you make an excellent point. I also believe AI will never be able to truly emulate human thought. It can be disguised to look like it does, because it's a program that can be adjusted and crafted by a human being. But the real meat of AI will be in solving very specialized problems.

Then there's "consumer AI". This is the attempt to emulate a human being in terms of human-computer interactions, more focused on convincing psychology rather than solving complex problems. Of course you could eventually take the "shell" of a consumer AI and link it to more advanced AI processing, so that you may have a "pleasant chat" AI program that would then launch complex AI programs in reaction to requests.
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