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Re: Trek II ~ Khan's Wife

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Audiences so not need a visual reference for personal stories,
Filmmaking is visual reference of personal stories. How would this have even worked in the silent era otherwise?
For the example I provided.

For another:

Just as in Star Wars (1977) when Kenobi told Luke this Darth Vader "betrayed and murdered" Luke's father, or Vader helped the Empire hunt down the Jedi, we did not need a pointless flashback to either event, to see that it was used to inspire Luke to eventually fight the Empire, or build Vader's reputation as the great eveil of the galaxy. Obi-Wan's story was enough to get the point across

I've actually heard prequels fans fantasize about inserting prequels scenes into the hut scene, as if generations of moviegoers needed that, which is--of course--an assbrained desire.

This from a guy who defends the Harvey Comics-like plotting of nuTrek.

Back to the matter: the person telling the story is the believable source--we have no casue to question the source (as noted in the Kenobi example)...unless you need everything trotted out in front for your face.

Aside from equating one of the great film monologs to a single throwaway line, this analogy is totally erroneous.
Funny how no one else ever had a problem accepting Khan's line--or whined about the absence of Marla. They were too busy following the story, which did not confuse anyone regarding Khan's motives.

Quint was neither the primary antagonist nor protagonist of the film. He could have been completely cut with minimal effect on the plot. Therefore, his motivations and backstory were ultimately irrelevant to the narrative.
Quint's single-minded desire to kill the shark takes center stage: he's the reason the Orca never returns for another ship (or help), which keeps the group at sea long enough for the advantage to completely shift to the shark. By the way, no one builds a character unless it is intended to mean something to his overall behavior. His expressed feelings about the Indianapolis incident come into play when the boat is taking on water, and--of course--as he slides into the shark's mouth.

It has long been established as one of the film's biggest mistakes.
Where is this "established" source? Where are the numbers (of any significance) complaining that Khan's wife should have appeared, and failing that, the villain's motive was unclear?


and gets mentioned around here at least once a year.
Once a year. Sounds like a glaring problem just killing TWOK's legacy....yep....time for TWOK remastered, where a CG scene of Marla is inserted to finally "clear up" what so many desired for 31 years.

I forgot. Marla Mcgivers is iconic.
All this quotes reveals is your disrespect for a then-ailing actress by trying to turn this into a flaming session.

Good show.
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