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Re: So, I met my first slew of Trek stars

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Levar brought the house down with something he said to Shatner. I'm having trouble remembering the context, but I think Shatner had brought up working with James Doohan and, again, Shatner being Shatner, he wouldn't let Levar finish what he was saying, so Levar just screamed out, "HE'S DEAD, JIM!"
I could definitely picture that.

Well, Shatner also mentioned that he's in the process of editing a recent documentary he made where he talks about the first two years of TNG and interviews each of the cast members.
His interviews with all of the other captains last year was terrific, so I wouldn't be surprised if the TNG documentary turns out well.

I read up that the Star Trek Creations group had Stewart originally scheduled but had to bail, so Shatner came in his place. While Stewart would've been great, I'll bet Shatner spiced it up even more. Apparently the same combo will be appearing in Vegas this August. I just wish I'd known about the Boston one--could have actually driven to it.
Frakes was supposed to be there also, but he had a last minute cancellation. Brent mentioned to me he had a directing gig in Florida.
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