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Or he was holding out on Picard retiring or getting promoted to a desk.
It's fairly obvious that was the case, going by the line at the end of Generations where he says he always thought he'd have a crack at the ENT-D Captain's chair

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Having something equal to a galaxy class as your first command might have been an unreasonable expectation on Riker's part.
I tend to think this has merit too. He passed up a command to initially take the XO spot on the Enterprise, & then turned down 2 more before the events of BoBW, even then after being told outright he'd likely have his choice of any available captaincy, he remains aboard

Either he's a big wuss without the balls to take the job, which I think is not likely in his case, or It's more likely that he's got his eye on Picard's captaincy & expects him to retire or become an admiral, which is a sound notion, because Picard had been offered promotion in the show's time too

However, I'd really tend to think it wouldn't work that way. Why would they give you the flagship on your first command? What's more likely to expect is what Picard did with the Stargazer, & what he told Riker he should be doing when they offered the Aries. Get you a little ship & head out to the farthest reaches of space & relish in being the captain of your own ship carving into the universe

That's what a guy who wants to be captain does. Riker seems like he's more interested in being a star than traveling them. Being Captain of the Enterprise is a prestige grab, & he's all about that, imho
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