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Re: top dr who episodes

Okay, just wanna redo my top list, plus I have a new favourite to add!

Logopolis: An excellent adventure, great pace, great acting! Just a personal favourite for me really, just a good bit of fun. Nothing to do with being awesome and whatnot, just plain fun, and is always one of the serials I turn to when bored.

The End of Time: Fantastic finale to Tennant's tenure as the Doctor. Dig the return of the Time Lords, the return f the Master, and yet again just a fave for personal reasons. Plus all the excitement over a new doctor!

The Two Doctors: Just love it to bits! Troughton just stole the show, although Bakers performance was also excellent. Just sums up what a good doctor who story should be. Good acting, a good mix of humour and serious scenes, and the return of old and new faces! The Sontarans are at their very best here.

The Planet of Spiders: A recent one to add to my list as I've just seen it recently. Just a fantastic finale to Pertwee's era in Doctor Who, the spiders were fantastic villains. I so want them to return! Maybe they'd be fun for Matt Smiths regeneration story. I especially love the scene where the Doctor's in that cave with "the great one" and the great one just torments the doctor. "Is that fear is can feel in you, you are not accustomed to fear are you doctor, it is very wise for you to be afraid!" Great dialogue (yeah I probably got it wrong, but you get the drift). Plus I usually don't like 6 part serials as they usually drag on for too long, so this must be a good serial if it kept my attention for most of it.

Tomb of the Cybermen: Just a classic, enjoyable! Fun to watch, plus I love the whole retro 60s sci-fi thing going on in it.

The 1996 TV Movie: Just pure awesomeness! Has produced one of my favourite doctors, I wish McGann was in more stories. If so, he may have become my favourite. Loved the whole style of everything in it. The TARDIS was pure awesome.

Some other great ones I feel should be acknowledged are; Dalek, Revelation of the Daleks, Bad Wolf/The Parting of Ways, The Two Doctors, The Keeper of Traken, Earthshock, The trial of a Timelord, Survival, Aliens of London/World War Three, Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel, Army of Ghosts/Doomsday, The Master Trilogy, Planet of the Ood, The Sontaran Stratagem/Poison Sky, The Stolen Earth/Journeys End, The Next Doctor, The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon, The Angels Take Manhattan, and Cold War.
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