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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

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Of all the things I have seen debated on this episode I don't think I've ever seen this much attention given to the damn shift schedule. It was a simple plot device intended to increase the dramatic interactions between Jellico and Riker. Nothing more and nothing less. I think you guys are going way to far into the weeds on this.

Was Jellico being unreasonable with the shift schedule? Maybe
Were the department heads exaggerating that they would be shorthanded? Maybe
Is it a big enough sample size to really criticize CAPT Jellico? Not really.
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We'll never know. It's hard to debate definitively one way or another.
Thank you & Thank you. All I've ever really been saying is that there's no concrete evidence to support calling this order a bad one, & thereby not suitable grounds for calling it a bad call or the man a bad captain. The ambiguity of him being a good captain that didn't jive with the crew for whatever reasons is what his part of the episode is about

I usually come to his defense, because it's most common that people unjustly malign him because he is the new boss handing out orders to our beloved characters, when actually it's more obvious that Riker is in the wrong a great deal & due to the situation, Jellico seems bossy, but that may not be the reality, & we can't know the entirety of that reality, despite some people claiming otherwise

It's gone on too long & is a bore to anybody still reading it at this point, & I'm pretty much done, because I've stated what needs to be said. If people don't know the entirety of what this character is doing & why, which we don't, then it is a baseless argument to say he's doing something wrong

One last time, He is the captain, & the captain's orders are to be respected as having a legitimate reason, unless you're saying he's an unfit captain.
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