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Re: Where's the Main Computer in STID?

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Also, it allowed for a Nimoy cameo instead (regardless of how one feels about that, consulting the computer would have obviated the need for the cameo).
Not necessarily. I think someone else says in the thread that Spock Prime gives them information different from that which a computer would have given.
That was me.

(And for the record, just about anything would have been better than the cameo, which has the silliest, most obvious exchange ever. Hey, Spock - what do you know about this guy? *sigh* Spock, I told you I couldn't tell you anything. But watch out! He's a badass! *Cue "He's a badass" music*)
I found it pretty "meh" but if I had to choose between that and a talking computer console, I'd go with Nimoy.

Generally, in TOS, a consultation with the ship's computer for information takes up all of 10-15 seconds of screen time to proivde a bit of exposition which adds significantly to the world building, establish a certain tone - and give the characters a springboard to further action (as any good exposition does). And I'm not even saying they had to stop and ask the computer on screen, Spock could have a bit of dialogue where he says "Historical records indicate...." but it felt a little strange to have this superman drop that he was a war criminal and no one seems the slightest bit interested in finding out for what crimes he was exiled in which war.

I bring all this up because the friend I went with, a total non-Trekkie, was very confused by the fact that the movie never fills in those facts. He was asking - what war are they talking about? What did that guy do? Why was he in space if it was 300 years before 2259, which would make it 1959 when he did whatever he did?
I can see some confusion, I suppose, but as to the 300 hundred years--if someone is 300 years old, isn't it unlikely they did anything of note in the year of their birth?
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