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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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The Undiscovered Country was pretty close to being perfect IMHO.
Really? With Kirk suddenly hating Klingons with an intensity we never saw in STs III, IV nor V? With Chekov seemingly not knowing that a hand phaser sets off ship alarms? With Uhura not knowing any Klingon sentences? With McCoy not knowing anything about Klingon anatomy? With Kirk and McCoy being imprisoned in their Starfleet uniforms, complete with tracking device?

Nah, not perfect to me.
Every episode, and especially every movie can be nitpicked to death, however, yours are extremely minor.
The Klingons killed Kirk's son in Star Trek III. What is so unbelievable about his feelings towards Klingons? These feelings haven't been explored as they didn't fit into IV or V, and honestly, I really don't take The Final Frontier seriously as it was just a poorly written, and poorly directed movie. Not to mention, the f/x were cheap.

As for the tracking device, a transponder could have been injected into Kirk but, it wouldn't have been as dramatic.

Your issues with Uhura and Chekov aren't even worth mentioning as it had zero impact on the story. The bit in Klingon space added a little humour which didn't hurt.

And as for McCoy saying he didn't even know his anatomy was not a big deal to me because, it was somewhat exaggerated under the circumstances, and he's a medical doctor...not a veterinarian.

When I said perfect, I didn't mean nitpick free. I meant it was epic, touching, the humour was not forced, the f/x were awesome, the acting was awesome, and it was the best directed Trek to date! Hats off to Nick Meyer!

The timing was perfect for this movie. It really was an EPIC sendoff for this crew. It couldn't have been done any better.
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