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Re: What stories from history would you like to see made into movies?

- The San Francisco 1906 earthquake... in 3D, please. I wanna go back in time and see my hometown as it was then!

- The 1919 Paris Peace Conference, as a 6-7 hour miniseries of statesmen, soldiers, artists, and everyone else in Paris at the time.

- Against All Enemies - the failures to stop 9/11 and the selling of the Iraq War. Not sure what HBO's waiting for on this one... the books was in development at some point, but it's been years since I heard anything about it.

- The Devil in the White City - another film project gone quiet. Not so much because I care about the serial killer story; I just want to see the Chicago Fair re-enacted in glorious detail. Though I'd prefer the San Francisco World's Fairs to get their own movies, of course.

- A JFK double feature, written and filmed as one project, released as two movies some six months apart. Film One is a straight biopic from history; Film Two is a best-guess counterfactual of what might have happened had he survived Dallas.

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I'm sort of surprised that no one (as far as I know) has optioned Gene Roddenberry's life rights. Perhaps his heir(s) have been unwilling to sell?
Anyone can make a movie about an important historical person, living or dead; there's no copyright on public figures, though what they said and wrote is a different story - rumors have it that the MLK estate, for instance, isn't interested in letting a movie quote his most famous speeches unless it really... whitewashes (womp-womp) any of his actual character flaws. But it didn't stop HBO from giving him an origin story of sorts in the pretty-good Boycott.

While I don't doubt that one could make a great Roddenberry biopic totally apart from Trek, I doubt one could finance it, so really one would have to make it at Paramount/CBS, and then you'd have to cast the TOS actors... which would be awkward considering there's the JJ-cast still making movies.

I guess one could make a jaunty/comedic "Roddenberry Begins" sort of movie, ending with him walking into an office to pitch Trek, and casually tweaking history to liberally sprinkle winking foreshadowing throughout his earlier career - space serials he watched growing up, a fellow Army pilot who's quite Spock-like, an Uhura-like secretary at his command, etc. I'd watch that. One might even get away with not having any overt ties to Trek in that way.

... Likewise, the makings of Star Wars and Apocalypse Now would make great flicks.

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Second--an honest retrospective on the life of Theodore Roosevelt.
Good one! He'd make for an excellent miniseries, given the huge breadth of stuff he did. Di Caprio was rumored to be attached to a John Logan TR script for a while... I guess that fell through.

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First --the Galveston hurricane of September, 1900 that killed more than 6,000 people. I can't believe it's never been put to film.
Eh, San Francisco quake pic first, then we'll talk Texas.
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