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Re: Atheism, and "Bread and Circuses"

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That's rather offensive, Dennis. It's pretty damned sad when Christians are all lumped together with the extremists in what is a very large diverse group.

To me, as a Christian, being called a "Bible thumper" is a pejorative, along the lines of calling a Moslem the "R" word or a Jew the "K" word.

None of these designations should be acceptable, even if the three groups involved have elements in them that are undesirable at times to others (and even to those in said groups, if truth be told).

Even if one disagrees with another person's religious leanings (or lack thereof), it's only common decency to avoid stereotyping.
Thank you, T'Bonz. I was beginning to think I was the only Christian on this forum.
No, you are definitely not the only Christian on this forum.

One of the wonderful things about Trek is how broad and deep it's attraction can be. And often we see in it what we want to see in it.

Clearly, many atheists/humanists/ etc find great comfort in many of Trek's more humanistic stories and characters, and they are certainly there to see.

But interestingly, Trek has always appealed to Christians as well. Most of the fellow Christians I have known since the 80's are also big Star Trek fans, or at least viewers and appreciators of the show.

In fact, I once had an Assistant Pastor who used Trek episodes as parables to illuminate Biblical principles they sometimes reflected. (and this was a very conservative fundamentalist Baptist church, mind you).

I am part of a small home-church group, and our entire group went togehter to see STID.

The Trek universe is broad enough to make room for those who believe and for those who don't.

I think it's arrogant for any of us (Christian or atheist) to think we can possibly know it all. There are too many unknowables.

That is part of the basic Trek philosphy as I see it, tolerance for all kinds of beliefs. I am always saddened and dissappointed when I hear/read Trekkers being intolerant toward those they disagree with, particulary about matters of faith.

I think true wisdom is not in what you know, but that you are aware of and acknowledge that wich you do NOT know.
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