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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

"I don't want his juice! I want my juice!" "It's still your juice." I wonder how many takes that took?

"I like his red shirt." Red shirt. If this were Star Trek, we'd know what that would mean.

I was right, nothing is going to happen between Bob and Joan! Wow. Bob, Bob, Bob... That's not the way to get ahead. Not at SC&P, anyway.

Sally had more to do this episode than any of the others this season combined, which had amounted to "The Crash", a little bit of "The Doorway", and nothing else. Bobby had more to do this season. Bobby. Then, at the end... she caught Don! I knew they'd get caught but I never thought that was going to be how.

Anything could happen now. "Favors" meant Don making peace with Ted, which led to reconsiling with Sylvia, which led to a potential neutron bomb. Peace within the company, possible war and disintegration within the family. Gives me something to ponder about what a title like "The Quality of Mercy" will mean.

"I was comforting Ms. Rosen." Don Draper would make a good Bill Clinton. "Well that depends on what your definition of is is." "I did not have sexual relations with that woman!" This is horrible. For Don I mean, not the scene itself. But it's still hard to get through.

Don continuing on, "She was very upset." You're just digging yourself deeper!

"Complicated." Don Draper's relationship status if he were both forthright and on Facebook. But, if he were forthright, it would become uncomplicated very fast.

The look on Don's face at the very end said it all. Like I said, anything could happen.

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