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Re: Atheism, and "Bread and Circuses"

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"Bible thumper" is most commonly defined as someone who is aggressive in imposing Christianity on others or uses biblical literalism to attack and condemn people. You know what? I don't like bible thumpers. I have no patience with the several who approach me on the street to proselytize, as they frequently do in the commercial downtown blocks of my neighborhood. You can call that a slam on "all Christians" if you like, but it's not. It is, however, the truth.
I hear you-I have to put up with those people myself in downtown Toronto at the corner of Yonge & Dundas near the Eaton Center; the old East European guy standing on the busy northwest street corner saying 'Preese' (his version of 'Preach', I think) while holding a Bible; the Muslims handing out free Korans near the entrance of the Eaton Center itself; and last but not least, this young guy preaching the Gospel also doing his bible-thumping near the Eaton Center entrance last year:


Now, if these people were doing something that was entertaining as the break dancers in the V For Vendetta masks, the Toronto Elvis guy, the Toronto Spock guy, or the Toronto Batman guy, I wouldn't mind. But they aren't entertaining as the secular others I've mentioned, least of all the old East European guy, who's most likely annoying people trying to get to where they're going, and also spoiling the city for whatever tourists are there as well, in addition to being a hazard to movement on the sidewalk. I wish that they all would find a public park and get lost, leaving that part of Toronto to the secular entertainers instead.

TREK_GOD_1 is entirely wrong, BTW, in suggesting that Braga misrepresented Roddenberry's expressed opinions about religion during the time that they would have worked together on TNG. GR was not at all shy about expressing his complete disdain for all forms of religious belief and practice during that period of his life. Trying to drag the "Braga is suspect" meme into this discussion is a non-starter.
THIS. Everybody knows that Roddenberry was against religion; that's part of his script for the aborted Star Trek movie The God Thing (which later became the basis for Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.) When did he say that he was for it, or that Braga was wrong?
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