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Re: How about a captain Pike(bruce Greenwood) series?

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Not everyone likes the same thing.
I realise that, but I don't understand why some people are dead-set against the idea of starting from a clean slate, and won't give the New Trek a fair chance.
What makes you think critics of JJ Trek didn't give it a 'fair chance'?

I was initially excited about the idea of a reboot when Trek 09 was still filming, although I didn't particularly like the casting choices. I think anyone who liked TOS was jazzed about revisiting that era. I was thinking maybe it would be the way Enterprise should have been. Retro 60s, but with a higher budget look. That would have been really bold. I just didn't like how JJ realized that world. I don't like how it looks, how it functions, or what kind of message he has to deliver.
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