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Re: Which Star Trek movie has got the most plot holes? And the least?

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Moreover, V'Ger seems to be totally unaware of the aliens' role in transforming him from a primitive computer to a living machine, even though there is a digital image of their alien homeworld.
What makes you say that ? There's nothing in the movie that implies that V'Ger is unaware of them.
There's nothing in the movie that implies that V'Ger is aware of them. The image of the alien world is just one of many, and even Spock hasn't figured it entirely out by the time of the mind-meld.

If you were to judge the two objectively, the parts the aliens gave him are far more representative of who he is as a living entity than the Voyager core, so since he's journeying to earth, he thinks we should take credit for creating the whole thing, not just the core. This implies that he doesn't realize that he really owes his consciousness not to us but to the mysterious aliens. I mean, the Voyager core is probably about the level of sophistication of an Apple II. Hardly a Turing-complete AI.

It falls upon Decker to deliver all that exposition about Voyager falling into a black-hole. V'Ger simply has an incomplete sense of self. He is, as the film explains, like a child. Once Decker merges with Ilia, assimilating Decker's humanity and his knowledge, V'Ger can fit all the pieces together.

There is a lot of irony in having a computer so omniscient and yet with such a gaping blind-spot. But then, cognitive dissonance is a quality us humans are all too guilty of as well. And as a child, you start by thinking of your parents as perfect and godlike, and then you eventually realize they are all flawed like us all, and we're all just fumbling around in the dark.

The only thing that makes me cringe every time is that they made up four more Voyager probes that never happened.
Blame NASA.
Star Trek: Earhart
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