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Re: concept art and set photos!

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when I was paying attention to the dialogue and events of the movie, the lens flares barely even registered with me. Besides, they're far less prominent in STiD than they were in the previous film. They're an occasionally amusing --if overused-- joke about Abrams Trek, not any real detriment to the film, IMO.
I think you're in the minority on that opinion. I don't think anyone actively LIKES the lens flares (besides the CG artists on a few Trek fan productions that seem to feel obligated to jump on the bandwagon). Even the way you're wording it above comes across as if you merely trick your mind into ignoring them. In other words, they ARE a visual distraction. So let's just concede that this is an element of JJ's filmmaking that is generally reviled and which, despite negative audience feedback, he just doubled-down and continued, as a testament to his Lucas-like Han-shoots-first stubbornness.
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