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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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No I checked very closely when I saw it the second time around. We don't see the ship from the front.
Yes we do. The same overly large window appears on the refit as it did in that one brief scene where the bridge window appeared oddly enlarged to zoom in on kirk. My distinct impression was that this was a second version of the CG Enterprise model with the window shape and proportions altered and that ILM "cheated" and used the new model (shown only from the front) earlier in the movie because the same shot didn't look right using the older one.
A distinct possibility. I just don't know why they'd cheat, since they presumably didn't delete the files of the "old" model.
Probably because the window proportions of the old model didn't work for that shot so they filmed it with the new one instead, realizing that nobody would notice the switch.
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