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Re: Starfleet Academy Series

Shazam! wrote: View Post
This week on Star Trek Academy, Spock loses his homework whilst Kirk wedgies Sulu.
Or Spock is a instructor at the academy who has a series of affairs with various female students for higher grade like he did with Uhura in Star Trek Eleven.

Can you say "sweeps week?"

surak-toc wrote: View Post
lets say it's set partly at the academy, partly on away assignments, we will see other starships, alien planets and such stuff, will still be action packed, its during the aftermath of the dominion war.
Great idea. Do half or two-thirds at the academy and it's surroundings, then have the rest of the season be during the yearly "midshipman's cruise."

... after the dominion war, san Francisco's Starfleet academy destroyed
Part of the appeal of the academy setting would be the chance to set portions of the stories in a future San Fransisco, the cadets would have civilian friends in the city, this would expand the series outside of the academy.

Pavonis wrote: View Post
The primary activity of cadets would be learning, as in listening to lectures, participating in seminars, and doing homework.
While we would likely on occasion hear about this, realistically the show would never center on this.

The show would be the interaction of cadets in a future society, Humans and Aliens, their friends, the instructor, the surrounding society and environment. We the viewers would see more of the future Earth and hear more about the Federation than ever before.

Also, given the ages of the cadets and separation for home, and the pressures of the academy, no doubt we would see some of the cadets experience "teen angst." Having all the cadets blissful about their current lives would be unrealistic.

We might also see some cadets as ongoing disruptions at the academy, Ensign Ro "LIKE" personalities.

I'll admit that some of their learning would be done in the holodeck ..
Hopefully not, holodeck stories are usually pretty boring.

... why follow the stories of the cadets and not the senior officers (whose lives would almost certainly be far more interesting)?
If you're aiming for a youth demographic (and those young at heart too) the lead characters would have to be the cadets. The training officers would be the support characters.

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