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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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Wow - that's a big piece of work! I like how you've given some alternative possibilities to a couple of the Sickbay scenes - with more coming along in lower decks, should be fun!
That's a lesson I learned from the Star Wars Cross-Sections book, i.e. the TIE fighter. The descriptions do not identify the "glowing donuts" inside the hexagonal structures of the panels as the two ion engines (aka fusion reactors) but the illustrator kept this possibility as an option.

Hence I've adopted the concept of trying to keep such options open for those that prefer a different interpretation (e.g. "3F").

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As regarding Lawrence Marvick's "instant vertical turbolift ride, I think it is only really a problem if you interpret the motion indicator as a physical window into the turboshaft, instead of (as I believe) just a mechanism to give the occupant a general indication of where they are going. Having a general indicator also allows flexibility for the duration of rides, as well as those times when 50 or more of those bars slide past!
I agree that the duration of these TOS turbo lift rides are erratic, at best, and a real pain in the "shaft", but there is still a clear and visual onscreen distinction between vertical/diagonal or horizontal travel, regardless whether the lights seen from within the turbo lift car are displays or physical windows...

I'm not sure, yet, but I believe I've covered all onscreen turbo lift rides in the past drafts and in those yet to come. If I missed any, please don't hesitate to mention these!

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