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Re: The U.S.S. Bozeman's experience?

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Two women, actually. A straight-haired brunette in a command lieutenant's uniform, supposedly the first officer per the script (whom I named Parvana Whitcomb), and a curly-haired redhead in what appears to be an engineering uniform (whom I named Claudia Alisov).
Interesting names. Are they based on people you know, or did you create them from scratch?
I was going for time-travel in-jokes. Whitcomb was a character from Poul Anderson's first Time Patrol story. I think I just picked Parvana because the actress looked like she could be nonwhite and I wanted to add a bit of diversity. Claudia is in reference to Claudia Wells from Back to the Future, and Alisov is an indirect reference to The Time Tunnel's Lee Meriwether (who also played Catwoman, aka "Miss Kitka" Alisoff, in the 1966 Batman movie). Again, I was looking for a bit more diversity, which is why I didn't call her McGregor (Meriwether's Time Tunnel character name).
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