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Re: Starfleet Academy Series

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Correction, people were sick of ST: Enterprise.

An academy show, assuming that it was written and cast correctly (big assumption) would be great for the youth demographic.
That was my whole point. The only ones who would have produced a Trek academy series was UPN, and it would have had the same frat-boyish mentality ENT had, but worse, because it would actually take place at a college.
Not necessarily would this Starfleet academy series have a frat-boyish mentality, neither does it have to look like a soap opera kind of thing, to be a top class show I think having some of the writers of some of the great ST novels on board and a good strong cast, the series set after the dominion war, san Francisco's Starfleet academy destroyed and setting up a perfect setting for the new one on Luna colony, does not have to be a teen angst, of kind of thing
UPN would totally have not made the show anything like you've just described.
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