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Re: New Doctor Chosen!

I recall that a few years ago, bookies suspended betting on Colin Salmon to be the next James Bond, so stories like this are always somewhat dubious to me. Having fallen for the one from a few nights ago that the shortlist was down to three and the successful candidate would be announced on Saturday, I'm going to be taking stories like this with a pinch of salt.

For all the comments about Matt's looks, he and David had a fairly big female following (even Chris did too) which I expect the producers will want to retain. They're not conventional heart-throbs but nor are they quite as homely as the balding and pudgy Mr Kinnear. I would expect someone in the same vein - quirkily good-looking but neither male model types nor the homely sort.

The story gave me an excuse to go look at the IMDB page for Rory's father, the late lamented wonderful comedy actor Roy Kinnear. I was very surprised to see that he hadn't appeared in any episode of classic Who. I would nearly have bet money that he'd turned up there at some stage or another.
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