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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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It's not just that.
At the end, after the refit, the bridge-window and the dome above are different.
We don't know about the window after the refit, because we didn't get to see them. The different windows are from before the refit.
We do see it in the movie.
I think the second picture in King Daniel Into Darkness' post is from the end of the film - I could be wrong though.
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No I checked very closely when I saw it the second time around. We don't see the ship from the front.
That shot is from the end, during Kirk's speech. The camera swoops around the ship, eventually looking almost directly into the window. But we also see this version of the window earlier on, during the big zoom-in when the Enterprise is waiting in the Klingon Neutral Zone, and in the last movie when the camera zooms out the window and flips just before Pike, Kirk and Sulu take the shuttle to the Narada.
Earlier in the thread, someone speculated that this taller window may be a sign that they shrunk the Enteprise from the 725m/2380' on the bluray and in the art book. I was curious to see it that was the case, and it appears not.

JJ Abrams is a big fan of camera trickery - in the 2009 movie he used children in half-sized sets for Kirk's run into the cave on Delta Vega and (in deleted scenes) Nero being marched to an interrogation on Rura Penthe, and Sam and young Jim Kirk had a scene speaking in front of a dollhouse-sized barn. I'm having fun figuring out what was done similarly involving the Enterprise.
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