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Re: Starfleet Academy Series

I've never understood the appeal of an Academy-centered series. The primary activity of cadets would be learning, as in listening to lectures, participating in seminars, and doing homework. I'll admit that some of their learning would be done in the holodeck, running simulations of battles and first contacts, but there would be no tension in these simulations. Sure, in the show we always know the main characters will live to the end of the episode, but a simulation of a scenario doesn't even have the artificial tension of "how will they get out of this situation"! They're students; the worst thing that can happen to them is they'll get a bad grade.

I know that Nog, in his sophomore year, was sent to DS9 for "field studies", which would be an opportunity to introduce real peril for the cadet characters. But if their field studies are the only time they're going to be out in space and really at risk, why bother depicting their time at the Academy? And since the cadets will need senior officers to learn from during their field studies, why follow the stories of the cadets and not the senior officers (whose lives would almost certainly be far more interesting)?
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