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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x20 "The Emissary"

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Whilw I thought Suzi was gorgeous as Selar, I fell for her hard in this ep. I spoke with her for a while at a Creation Con a few years ago and confirmed that she is, indeed, an absolute doll.
I completely agree. It's just that TNG sort of developed a "Dump'em/Kill'em" streak when it came to female characters they introduce that have really good promise. But in the end, Selar, Gomez, Pulaski, K'Ehleyr and even Ro are forgotten. I was actually intrigued by the idea of Selar having a thing for Worf and wondered what a Vulcan would find attractive in a Klingon. Since Vulcans are three times stronger than humans, it'd be cool to see Worf look at a Vulcan as a worthy adversary and instead of that "Earth female are too fragile" trope.

I love the character of K'Ehleyr and thought Suzie really did own that role. But again, going back to the streak, the only thing the writers wanted to do with her when she came back was to kill her off just so they could give Worf some development.
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