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Re: Look out Einstein, here comes Weinstein

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and an explanation of why particles have mass that doesn't seem like an arbitrary add-on like the Higgs field does.
Only problem is, Higgs field is there, they already highly likely found the Higgs boson (and even if they didn't, they did FIND something, that - whatever you may call it - gives the particles their mass). So it's not an arbitrary add-on.
From Wikipedia:

Some consider [ the Standard Model ] to be ad-hoc and inelegant, requiring 19 numerical constants whose values are unrelated and arbitrary. Although the Standard Model, as it now stands, can explain why neutrinos have masses, the specifics of neutrino mass are still unclear. It is believed that explaining neutrino mass will require an additional 7 or 8 constants, which are also arbitrary parameters.
Maybe that is just the way that our reality works.
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