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Re: Did Sisko ever break the Prime Directive?

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My issue is that Sisko took Worf's act as a personal offense. When Sisko himself is a religious figure and spiritual man himself. Its wasn't a violation of starfleet protocol that caused Sisko to judge Worf. t was the act was viewed as premeditated murder in his eyes. Like I said had Sisko walked the Picard line and remained unbiased in his reprimand I could except it but he didn't.
Chewing out Worf for the attempted murder/assisted suicide was hardly a unique event. The drill instructor act seemed to be Sisko's preferred method of dealing with issues of military discipline. It probably shouldn't be seen as personal offense. Picard seemed to prefer the disapproving father figure routine, and that's fine, but it's not the only valid approach.
Sisko is the hardass command type. I can admire and respect that. I find it ironic however that Sisko is so abrasive about the subject of religious practices of others when he himself is a religious icons to the Bajorans.

He is "The Emissary", "The Sisko", half-prophet on his mothers side, the wormhole aliens are by extention his extended supernatural family, he has labors to complete with the gods of Bajor before his resurrection.

I've complied a video of the events in question. From TNG Reunion, TNG Ethics, VOY Barge of the Dead and DS9 Sons of Mogh. Now we'll hear straight from the horses mouth what exactly was said since Admiral Sisko is being a stickler about precise facts. Keep in mind my original post was that i found Sisko's reaction to the situation disingenuous considering his own unique character and the response he gave to it. As you'll see there are indeed limits Starfleet puts religious practice. However those protocols were not used by Sisko when he addressed Worf. When Dax tried to explain the situation Sisko retorted "At the moment I don't give a damn about, Klingon belief, religion or customs". Does he want an explanation or not?

I digress I'll let the video do the talking

First clip is from TNG Season 4 ep 6 Reunion. When Worf killed Duras in revenge for Duras killing Keylar. Picard confronts Worf on his actions for violating Starfleet protocol.

Second Clip TNG Season 5 ep 16 Ethics. When Worf is paralyzed and contemplates suicide. Riker confronts him and finds a loophole to Worf's request.

Third clip from VOY season 6 ep 3 Barge of the Dead. B'Elanna wants to chase a fever dream by simulating death but Janeway won't allow her to pursue her plan.. Partially because Janeway doubts the validity of what B'Elanna experienced, it's also a violation of Starfleet protocol like Picard pointed out in Reunion. But mostly because B'Elanna is the chief engineer on VOY and she isn't about to allow B'Elanna to potentially kill herself for what could be a vivid dream.

Fourth clip is from DS9 season 4 episode 15. Kurn asks Worf to end his life by performing a Klingon ritual. Dax and Odo intervene and rescue Kurn before he dies. Sisko dresses down Worf. Using what I feel is his own personal biases to condemn Worf rather than the spelled out regulations that Picard, Riker and Janeway mentioned.

See for yourself

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