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Re: Falling Skies - season 3

Pretty decent start to season 3, by the admittedly mediocre standards of the show.

Lots of loopy plot-logic, characters keeping secrets they shouldn't, and people just acting stupid. But somehow the episodes still work.

Three major items are set up to maintain some suspense.

1) Who is the spy? If it is the new presidential aide lady I am going to be upset. And apparently it can't be the red herring of Hal, since he was in the hospital when the murder went down(unless the editing was cheating).

2) Who/what is Alexis? Probably going to be the most annoying storyline of the season. Can't really see a way for it to pay off satisfactorily unless the kid grows up super fast or the show does a massive time jump. When Alexis disappeared off the bed I was thinking Anne was going to look up and see Alexis hanging off the ceiling, but the show wasn't willing to go quite that goofy.

3) Are the new aliens(and allied skitters) trustworthy or not? This is the most interesting plot thread to me. All the characters who are distrustful of their alien allies are pretty much the stupidest most bigoted characters on the show. Weaver, the military brass, Pope, all characters who are generally wrong on the show. Yet they are spending so much screen time voicing these suspicions that if the aliens are actually just solid allies, it will seem like quite a waste of time.
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