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Re: Falling Skies, Revolution, and Defiance

For me:

Defiance - I like that there are various aliens, and they have conflicts within same species, and are using alien languages. I haven't had any characters I really connected with yet, though. And it seems like they're kind of forcing sex into every episode. They also seemed to have bumped Warehouse 13...the two shows should have switched their current times -- it could have helped the Warehouse geta new season.

Revolution - I am wanting Neville to take over the Monroe Republic..looks like it MIGHT happen. I have 2 characters I like, Neville, and Aaron (I relate tohi a bit..wonder if i'd be like him in the blackout..but wouldn't be a help in the finale). Not sure how interesting it will be, though, next season, which the energy back.

Falling Skies - I got into season 2, not so much season 1. If my wife can catch up or fit in, this might be our summer viewing, which would be nice. I think the layers of races going on, but wonder how they can make the humans interesting. We just had the human safe zone that wasn't so safe...don't think they can pull off that kind of drama again.
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