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Re: Why did the UK theatrical release of First Contact have bonus foot

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It's like Star Wars Episode IV. I've been assured from numerous sources that "Episode IV" was not in the opening scrawl during the original cinema release, but I cannot remember it ever being missing. In fact quite the opposite, I seem to remember wondering as a kid why it would be Episode IV!
Even people at LucasFilm have said that the movie never had "Episode IV" in its initial release. The DVD release from a few years ago had a second disc that included the original pre-Special Edition versions of the original trilogy and that version didn't have "Episode IV". I think I remember reading they added it to one of the re-releases either before or after The Empire Strikes Back.

Speaking of Episode IV, another thing that many people claim to remember seeing in the theatres is the scene between Luke and Biggs on Tatooine. They swear they saw it and it was just removed for home video. Truth is, it was never in any release, but some books that came out around the time had pictures of the scene. I have a children's storybook that contains pictures from the movie and that scene is in there along with a picture of it. I remember wondering why that scene wasn't in the movie.
And that's my point about the betrayal of memory. In my mind, I know for a fact that "Episode IV" was in the opening scrawl when I saw it in 1977.

I now know that "fact" is completely wrong!

I do remember a friend of mine swore that he saw a scene in Empire Strikes Back, where the rebel troops on Hoth looked up into the sky to see the Star Destroyers entering low orbit. To my knowledge, no such scene was even scripted, let alone filmed.
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