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Re: If you could ONE line of dialogue to STID, what would it be..?

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Really..? I thought that KHAAANNN!!! was great, especially as the scream blended into the weapons fire of the Vengeance... I thought it was pretty eerie actually...
Had Khan not been Khan but JUST John Harrison, how would you feel about Spock yelling "HARRRISSSOOOOOOOON!"?
I would feel like it's a silly question because then they probably wouldn't have done an homage to the scream in TWoK since it wouldn't have been Khan.

But, as a staple of film, TV, comics, and so forth, it's hardly anything new or unusual:
When Nero screamed SPOOOCK in anger it was already a fine homage to it. The point is that the STiD KHAAAAAN is pretty cringeworthy and out of place, no matter what name you put there, but that a lot of people somehow accept it just because it's "KHHAAAAAAN"!
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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