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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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In a 200 million dollar production, there is no such thing as a VFX oddity.
That is plainly wrong.
It really isn't.

Also, you seem to think the director is some sort of omniscient micro-managing deity, and that every single aspect and decision of a massive production lasting months to a year and employing thousands of people receives exactly the same level of scrutiny and choice from them.
He doesn't have to. The script says "The camera zooms in on Kirk looking out of the window" and the director works with the storyboard artist and director of cinematography and the VFX supervisor on that scene. And at some point the VFX supervisor realizes that the ship model they currently have doesn't have such a big window. And they change that to fit the vision of the director.
The director doesn't even have to know about that, but the change happens.

And as a result, you get inconsistent shots, one with a big window, one with small windows. But none of those individual shots is an oddity.

Heck, and I do think Abrams is very involved. At the end of the film, the Enterprise has a larger impulse engine, it's a refit. They didn't just do that for the heck of it because one of the 3D modelers had too much spare time and just slipped that modified version into the pipeline unnoticed. That's a conscious decision that the director certainly approved of.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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