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Re: Who would have had to quit their job to look after baby Miral?

You do understand the difference between political communism and economic communism and that they are not always intrinsically connected?

The root word is community.

Do you have something against communities?

Trip said "these people have a lot to learn about making a free society." When he saw a shanty town on the outskirts of a megacity in season one Enterprise.

Quark called Sisko a very generous land lord for not charging his bar "rent" ever.

Technology and power production are at such a magnificent surplus, that the only people who need to toil to keep the lights on are actually volunteers who want to be part of the process, ie Starfleet and other civilian services like the Government.

"Working not towards profit but for the betterment of all mankind" as Picard explained to Lilly Sloan in First Contact.

No money.

Now as to the question of democracy and voting for representation, that's a much more confusing conversation.
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