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Re: Which Star Trek movie has got the most plot holes? And the least?

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People seem to mistake a plot contrivance for a plot hole. If there were no plot contrivances these movies would be documentaries.

Every movie or tv show ever made contains numerous plot contrivances.

A plot hole is in Generations where Soren blows up entire planets to get into the nexus when he could just "fly into it in a ship"...
That was addressed in the movie. Ships that get too close are destroyed. Soran couldn't get to the Nexus, so he found a way to bring it to him.
Nah, Its a hole.

Kirk got in that way, so did Guinan (sort of).

It doesn't matter whether your ship gets destroyed or not, you still end up in the nexus it would seem. Maybe with a bit more dialogue they could have explained things better but thats what the movie clearly shows.

I always remember a review from 94 for Generations that descibed that plot as having "more holes than a golf course"...
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