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Re: Before Dishonour....seriously?!

I'd read a lot of hate for this book prior to reading it, so I wasn't expecting much going in. I found it to be an amusing read. I liked the killing of Janeway, as she was a character I truly detested on the show. As it turns out, her ridiculous overconfidence was her downfall.

It was a bit silly in places, as a lot of Peter David's stuff can be - the only problem I had was that this works in NF, a series I like a lot, but it doesn't translate well to other Trek settings.

I think the stuff that came after is much better (Greater than the sum, destiny, losing the peace, etc), but I though that (with the exception of Q&A which i really liked) this was far better than the post-nemesis TNG novels leading up to it. Resistance is truly, truly awful, and Death in Winter is just kinda boring, and I don't think the characterisation holds up well in either of them.

I fail to understand, unless its purely for killing Janeway, why BD gets so much hate, when its still miles better than those prior novels.
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