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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

For myself, I think I am more forgiving of a film like F6 for being a big action flick than I am of any Star Trek film. I think it is because that it wasn't the action that drew me into the franchise - it was the philosophy. And, for me, it is the philosophy that is lacking in these new films.

JJ Abrams is on record saying that he felt that Star Trek was too philosophical for him. He has created a couple of films that adheres closer to what he is comfortable with.

I know that people will say this film was about drone strikes in a foreign land, but I feel that message was just as soon swept under the rug as it was announced. In F6, from the beginning, this film was about family and the lengths that the lead character played by Vin Diesel went to restoring his fractured family. We start the film with a birth and end the film with a meal shared by family and friends. (I know about the end credits scene, but that is more akin to an epilogue, than the main body of the film.)

Now, if Star Trek had kept its message from beginning to end, I think some of us would be less harsh. Instead, the film fractures into an A Plot (the crazy Admiral attempting to start a war) and a B Plot (Khan attempting to get his crew from that same Admiral with the third act a copy-and-paste with modifiers of TWOK's last act). Why couldn't the film have a simple plot about a Section 31 agent, for he feels that the Admiral is violating the principles that the agent believed that the agency represented when he or she signed up, turning against the Admiral, and needing the protection of Kirk's crew from the Admiral? Kill the Khan plot. Make a Star Trek thriller. (I am thinking of what has recently happened with the NSA revelations.)

The comics set up threads that could have been explored in this film. Sulu was considered a candidate for S31, and Kirk stumbled into a plot hatched by S31, and Pike was warned to keep his protege on a tight leash. Sulu could have used this history to infiltrate S31 to get the truth. And Kirk could have stumbled unto a top secret mission, which would start the film off.

I know this is hindsight; however, I feel the film had potential if it had focused on its message and created a new believable villain. Khan, I feel, is a niche villain who doesn't have the broad appeal of other named villains.

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