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Re: Star Trek [TOS] is Cheesy!

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. . . TOS premiered in the latter half of the 60s, when the Golden Age of TV, where it likely would have prospered, was all but winding itself down, being overtaken by camp and what would become the blown-dry siliness of so much of the 70s.
Blow-dried silliness? Why, what on earth do you mean?

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Mr. Adventure wrote: View Post
Some shows are very "of their time" and Trek is one of those. The mini-skirts, the bee-hives, the men's hair, the fashions, the blocky buttons and big computers and so on. I myself like that, it's sort of like an extra layer of stylization, like it's the future but through the eyes of the 60's so it's like exploring two worlds.

Not everyone cares for that though, many people are just very in the moment. A lot of people aren't even interested in anything imaginative, calling any such efforts cheesy, let alone with an extra dated element. Like how BSG is vaunted for its "realism" because everything looks like the 2000's instead of some imagined future.
I thought BSG was hailed for it's realisim because everything was depressing and bleak to the point of wanting to kill yourself?
To me, the stylized visual minimalism of Trek TOS, while certainly of its time, looks less out-of-date than the gritty, gray and grungy look that just screams "early 2000s."

tmosler wrote: View Post
. . . Lastly anyone who says young people cant enjoy star trek because of the effects are wrong because I am 14 years old and started watching it a year ago on netflix and was blown away by it.
You are wise beyond your years, my young friend.
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