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Re: Atheism, and "Bread and Circuses"

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In this interpretation, "us" being the persecuted Christians, our visiting heroes not only do nothing to help "us," but don't even recognize who "we" are till the denouement? What a dull story that was. Even with the jokes about television.
It may be dull to some, but it was not my mere imagining that Spock, the sciency-est one of them all, got it wrong about Septimus and Flavius based on the facts he just observed on the planet below, until Uhura finally set him straight about the Son at the episode's conclusion.

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The positive content of atheism is philosophical materialism. However, since the facts uncovered by science do not change, philosophical materialism is an evidence-based belief system, not a faith.
Seeing as we both agree that atheism is a belief system, would you also agree that those who share your beliefs should accord respect to those with differing beliefs?

Would you agree that the Trek fosters notions of diversity and inclusion?

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It should not be surprising that textbooks present these matters in such fashion as to foster confusion to the benefit of religion. This is sort of off topic.
That was not the surprising aspect to me. I was more astonished that you seem to be making the claim that the scientific method has application to the unobservable and the incalculable. As Dr. Lester might say, "are you prepared with an example? One will do."

I doubt the thread would be too hijacked, as its topic is broad enough to encompass touching on the intellectual pursuit of comparative religion, a subject of advanced academic study. Besides, stj, our posts are prolix to most, so kindly allow me to leave you with a set of not-so-dull facts to subject to your own analysis and reason.

You know, a few of the arguments I've read upthread, I've also heard before, on Donahue. Nobody, and I mean nobody, could preach atheism as eloquently and succinctly as Madalyn Murray O'Hair. In fact, old Madalyn is probably still the most famous atheist in America today. So once upon a time, one of Madalyn's sons (the one who sued to get prayer out of schools) converts to Christianity, and Madalyn, the loving atheist mom she claimed to be, disowned him for it. The way he tells the story, I think now a pastor, mom was pretty selfish and a little too into the materialism. One of her fellow atheists became disaffected, kidnapped Madalyn, and her atheist other son and granddaughter, and slowly murdered them all with a pair of pliers. They were all buried in a shallow grave, in tiny pieces. The end. Like Job's wife is reported to have said, "curse God and die". Maybe she knew what she was talking about. Maybe you can chalk it up to a fairy tale. The Vulcan proverb might be that "the beginning of wisdom is logic", but the Solomonic proverb is "the beginning of wisdom is the fear of God."

If history has shown us anything, it is that mankind has never been master of the universe. If all preceding generations never fully realized the big picture (so far as we know), what makes you think this generation has somehow acquired the knowledge of everything? Until we have that Grand Unified Theory licked as a simplicity, I doubt any of us is in a position to state what the full immutable facts of the universe are or aren't, and even then...

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And we have another anonymous internet poster speaking ex cathedra. I'll kiss your ring when Your Holiness pokes it through my monitor.
We all come here to read what anonymous internet post-ers write. Pretty much everybody here, including yourself, is an anonymous internet post-er. Being the subject of frocks and genuflection does not better qualify a person to speak the truth, imho.

Anyway, stj, thanks for the good discussion so far. Please take my little diatribe with the love, acceptance, and sincerity with which it is offered. So, howz about a little love back? Like Madalyn once said, "An Atheist loves himself and his fellow man instead of a god." And like Shakespeare said, "Love thyself last: cherish those hearts that hate thee; Corruption wins not more than honesty."

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I'm SO using this quote against the throngs that wish I'd shut up and go away.
Thongs are no match against Romulan Commander.
"We are not in the mood, Herbert."
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