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Re: Trek II ~ Khan's Wife

Sran wrote: View Post
It's a reasonable assumption that most Starfleet officers are somewhat ambitious (they would have to be to qualify for admission to the academy), and higher-ranking officers certainly yield a great deal of power.
The difference is this: Just because Starfleet officers have power, doesn't mean they lust after it. Yet that is exactly what Augments like Khan do. They don't just have power, they don't just want power, they CRAVE power. It's ALL they want. It's what they were, quite literally, designed to want. They can't NOT want it.

Conversely, you can have power but not love it. Starfleet officers have power because, well, they sort of have it by default. It's inherent in the command structure. Everyone in Starfleet has power if they last long enough. But to LOVE power is to care about nothing but oneself, and that of course precludes all considerations of love or compassion - both of which are all about concern for others.

Khan's genetic enhancements make him something of an outlier, but no one is completely without positive emotions.
They can be if they were designed to be. Remember, everything about Augments is genetically engineered and planned.

Sran wrote: View Post
as Khan and his followers believed themselves superior to everyone else, it's possible that they disregarded traditional marriage practices. Khan may have had multiple wives or consorts during his exile.
Could be, could be. The Augments are like the Nietzscheans from Andromeda, really. In both cases - the Nietzscheans even more explicitly - everything about their lives is dedicated to the love of oneself, the accumulation of power for one's self. Compassion, true caring for others, is literally an alien concept to them (one only has to read Nietzsche himself to realize that). The Nietzscheans, for example, care about family structure and marriage only so far as it ensures the continuation of their genetic line. They don't truly love their partners; they only have them because it makes more Nietzscheans. Same story here, really.
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