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Re: Starfleet Academy Series

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I would personally enjoy a show set at the academy but I can't imagine anybody who is not actively obsessed with the show tuning into see it. If another Star Trek series is ever going to be a ratings hit, it will need to revive the premise of the original.
Nah. If they market it like Smallville, and go after the 14-25 group, one Star Trek badly needs, people will watch.

SV peaked and held at 9m viewers during the second season. People (especially girls/young women) who had previously no interest in Superman, tuned in. Then the writing fell apart and a lot of them stopped watching. But even then, it was able to hold 4-6m for another four years or so. That's better than ENT ever did.

As I've suggested in other threads, the high-school/college group has been the one nuTrek really needed to grab and just hasn't as well as Paramount had hoped. An Academy series on the CW might be what the doctor order.
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