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Re: Do You Believe the Official Chronology?

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Wasn't that one of the points of the show?
No, the only point to the show was to create an entertaining SciFi program every week. Some viewers found deeper meaning in it, which is great, but was far from being the point of the show (Unless you buy into the Roddenberry Hype).
Oh, I know its a TV designed to entertain. My posting history on the topic shows that. But one of its conceits is that its our future. Our history and present is Star Trek's past. That how things were treated in TOS and the spinoffs. As I said the writers did not set out to create and alternate history. It is however a mostly positive future.

The post you pulled that quote out of is a bit of a mess. Looks like I screwed the editing somehow. Lets try again:

Warped9 wrote:
Trek being about our future is a conceit I've never bought into.
Wasn't that one of the points of the show? Its supposed to be our future. Their few predictions for the "near future" are going to fall far from the mark, especially when reality catches up with them. No one writing for the show, from Roddenberry down to the guy contributing a one off plot set out to create an alternate history or future. I'm sure none of them thought people would be talking about Star Trek in 1996, much less 2013.That it is an alternate history/future is fannish rationalization that allows everything on screen to "fit". It's a bit like hording, they can't throw anything away.
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