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Re: Joss Whedon's S.H.I.E.L.D to ABC!

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No, it's a sequel. In the official trailer, we see a character saying that Coulson was killed before "the Battle of New York," only to be surprised to discover Coulson alive.
Yes, I know. But apparently, Coulson was killed off. Permanently. Completely and utterly. People in this thread said so. Despite, you know, that being patently untrue, both in the Avengers (again, Fury only said he was dead to rally everyone and provided manufactured evidence to "prove" it) and in this continuing storyline.

So clearly it must be a prequel or not part of the same continuity at all. Even though it's not a prequel. At all.

It's a production of Marvel Television and it has the Marvel logo atop its logo. It's based on an organization and a character created and copyrighted by Marvel. It's definitely related to Marvel.
Nope, it can't be. Marvel killed Coulson off, thus if Coulson is actually alive, this can't be a Marvel production. Clearly.

It's in the same continuity as the movies; it's just telling an independent set of stories. Much like, say, Star Trek: Voyager was in the same universe as ST:TNG but was separate from it because it dealt with different characters and situations. So they're in continuity in that they share a common background reality and a common history, but they're not directly sharing characters or storylines. We won't be seeing Tony Stark or Bruce Banner or Black Widow in the show, most likely.
Nope, people in this thread have decreed that Coulson was undisputedly killed off in Avengers, thus if he's alive in this show, it can't be the same continuity. Even though he wasn't and it is.


And best of all, since Coulson is dead in the Avengers continuity, which appearently has no bearing on this show (despite the fact that it's the same continuity and these people are just flat out wrong, but admitting that is nigh impossible), there's no way in hell his actor could still have a contract for the movies and one for the television at the same time. Why, that alone is impossible to imagine, by Jove.

EDIT: Before replying, you may want to look at the two threads this is all in response to. Helpful link #1 and helpful link #2.

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