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Now that the kickstarter is over, I should be able to freely talk about the game without seeming like I'm trying to sell something....

Anyway, give the game a try guys, there is a beta for a new version you can find the link to on the main site, and a new version will be out in a few weeks with an official android version. I have a beta of the android version and it plays fine on my Nexus 7.

There will also be a OUYA version as well, as soon as the Dev gets the control issues figured out.

The game is fun, but it still does not have many concurrent players, so I'm trying to spread the word about the game.
Looking for a fun co-op Trek-like game where you and 4 friends can control a ship together just like the crew of the Enterprise? Give Quintet a try,it is free and you can play it on many different devices!
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