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I think what really, REALLY gets to me is the ridiculous "personal motivations" that the writers seem to switch in an instant. For instance, why the HELL is Monroe still alive? They've set him up as the paranoid, psycho dictator and we spent most of the first season with Miles on a mission to get his nephew and kill Monroe. He gets the chance to kill him, but doesn't do it.

We also get a flashback of how he was determined to kill him, but couldn't go through with it.

Rachel is determined to kill him for the death of her son. She is so determined to kill him that she is willing to blow herself up to do it. But she fails. Just hours (a day at most) later, she has the chance to kill him inside the "tower," but....decides not to. Huh?

Miles and Monroe fight in the woods, and savagely attack each other, and Miles has the perfect chance to kill Monroe but....can't.

Devious Neville finally has Monroe tied up and on his knees, and points a gun at his head.....but spares his life. And then Miles comes and inexplicably sets Monroe free.

Sweet Zombie Jesus. Would someone please just kill this man????
Neville's reason is actually quite logical.

As far an the general Monroe Republic knows, Neville is a disgraced officer. Plain out killing Monroe makes Neville into a traitor, and loyalists will go after him.

Neville would set up a show trial, but it would "justify" the killing of Monroe to the Republic, and especially the military. ANd then Neville who "brought Monroe to justice" can "legitimately" take over.

But of course Miles comes out of nowhere to free Monroe...who I agree, needs to die. 1st half of season 2 will be fine.
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