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Re: "Pilgrim Of Eternity" - is it good enough?

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I think efforts like these, while neat, only magnify the fact that Roddenberry and Company caught some very special lightning in the bottle nearly fifty years ago.
I agree. There was a very good chemistry between the lead actors in TOS, something that TNG was not able to capture. While Stewart has greater acting ability and depth than Shatner, he had rather two dimensional characters to lean against (Riker, Crusher).

Pilgrims of Eternity was entertaining but suffers from many of the same flaws other TOS fan films: they use sixties sets and sixties uniforms but the stories just don't match the setting.
I don't understand how the stories need to be done in a more advanced setting, say something like TNG. Stories depend upon characters and the sets are only there to facilitate the story.

What exactly was the point of the Counselor? Beautiful actress though. Gene would've approved.
The same reason why TNG had a counselor. That this is a position that has a purpose. Remember, this is the first episode of STC. Who knows how this character will evolve. I have a feeling that since the actress is Vic's fiancee, she'll likely figure prominently... as counselor, advisor, etc.

Why didn't the crispy-fried redshirt point his phaser away from the hull?
I thought the very same thing. Let go of the trigger or point it away. I suspect that somehow the alien material formed an energy field over the crewman, making him unable to move and let go of the phaser. Unfortunately, we didn't see a visible effect of this.

The roles the women played here made the Abrams films look downright progressive.
It's like they captured the spirit of TOS to the core, even the depiction of women's roles. I hope that they evolve this aspect of their work.

The actor playing Kirk needs to remember he's playing Kirk not William Shatner.
What about Cawley's Kirk? I feel like your criticism is more aptly applied to him. Vic does channel some Shatner characteristics, but it also feels like he is creating his own persona of Kirk. It seems well balanced to me. I think you just need to give it a chance.
Remembering Ensign Mallory.
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